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My name is Kara, and I’m here to help you prepare plants in a way you’ll LOVE. How do I know you’ll love ‘em? Well, not to brag, but the plant-based meals I make in my own home have won over my (previously) meat-loving husband.

Something else you should know: I’m not a chef - not even close. I just like healthy, home-cooked meals that are prepared as quickly and as easily as possible.


Up until a few years ago, pretty much all of my meals revolved around chicken or beef. So when I decided to make vegetables the star of the show instead, I was kind of nervous. I mean, how do you even prepare a meal that focuses on plants?? Despite my concerns, I gave it a shot and ended up with some shining successes… as well as some abject failures (let’s not talk about the pulled jackfruit incident).

After all the ups and downs, I’m here to take what I learned and give it to you in easy, bite-sized (ha!) pieces to help you eat plants, feel great, and repeat. If you’re ready to try out some FREE quick and easy meal ideas, just click the button below.


Eat Plants,
Feel Great,


Is plant-based eating just another diet?

We all know that diets don’t work.

We just can’t live our best life on a calorie-deficient diet without foods we love, so it doesn’t last. I mean, come on. What kind of a life is it to feel hungry all the time?

Plant-based eating is not about giving up foods. Hallelujah!

On the contrary, eating this way is all about making sensible swaps, using a wide range of foods and flavors. It’s all about adding to your plate, not taking anything away.

Do I have to go all-in?

Let me be clear: I’m not asking you to go fully plant-based. It’s OK if you don’t want to go more than 80% or 50% or heck, even 10% plant-based.

You’re here because you want to eat more plants than you do right now - whatever that means for you. The recipes on this site are all plant-based to help you add more plants to your plate, but feel free to add meat to any of the dishes you see here.

Whatever your goal, I’m here for you.

Will I like it?

Right now, it seems too good to be true. I get it. I certainly thought so when I started this journey.

But I figured, what the heck, I could use more veggies in my life. What I discovered was interesting, new ingredients and recipes that I never would have used before.

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Foods affect our feelings.

We eat junk food when we feel sad. We feel more connected to others when we share a bowl of popcorn. We feel like a superhero when we power through a dry salad. (No? Just me?)

The foods we eat affect how we feel.

What foods make you feel strong? How about those that make you feel bloated? Comforted? Tired? Nourished? Energized? What foods make you feel truly ALIVE?

What would you do if you felt better?

Imagine if you felt strong and focused after meals.

When I started eating more plants, I was surprised at how much it affected how I felt. I noticed more energy and mental clarity.

By just making plants the focus of your meals, you’ll crowd out the stuff that makes you feel sluggish. Instead, you’ll find yourself feeling your best.

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