Eat plants. Feel great. Repeat.

Healthy Should Be Easy.

Prepare healthy foods you and your family will LOVE.

Eat plants. Feel great. Repeat.

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Want To Eat Healthier?

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You deserve inexpensive, delicious food that makes you feel great. We help you prepare plant-based foods you’ll love.

You’re in the right place if you…

  • want to add more plants to your plate

  • wonder if you and your family get enough nutrients

  • think that food should be easy to make and taste AMAZING

  • want to feel great

The Quick & Easy guide is the perfect place to start. Click the button to give it a try.


Meal Planning Is Hard.

Rooted Makes It Easy.

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It’s so hard and time-consuming to plan and cook healthy meals after a busy day.

You want to eat healthy, but when life happens, you fall back into old habits and find yourself having mac ‘n’ cheese or ordering take-out for dinner.

Want to get out of your rut?

Try our free Quick & Easy guide, and make simple, healthy, delicious meals. (In less time than it takes to make a frozen pizza!)

Download it for free now.


Are You Feeling Frustrated?

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Have you ever said…?

“I look in the fridge and I just don’t have any ideas.”

“I just feel overwhelmed.”

“I get stuck. At my house, we just make the same thing over and over again.”

“I do want to eat better and healthier, but it’s really hard.”

“I don’t really know what my options are.”


The Quick & Easy guide can help you break out of that routine and find the healthier foods you want to feed your family.

And did I mention it’s free?? Just click the button below.


P.S. Hi There!

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My name is Kara, and I’m here to help you prepare plants in a way you’ll LOVE. How do I know you’ll love ‘em? Well, not to brag, but the plant-based meals I make in my own home have won over my (previously) meat-loving husband. Keep Reading…